Sabitrama's Anti-Aging Medicine

Not Started

Requires level 50 or greater
Requires quest Sabitrama and the Diet Medicine completed
I heard that Sabitrama in Sleepywood is making a new medicine...

In Progress

Requires Double-Rooted Red GinsengDouble-Rooted Red Ginseng x1
I ran into Sabitrama again in front of the Sleepywood hotel, the same one I helped get herbs before. This time, he said he found a place where I can get the important herb that he needed for his new medicine. He asked me if I could go into that forest and grab Double-rooted Red Ginseng for him. The root is in two, and red ... I should remember it well and find the same one once I get to the top. The place where this may be at is Shane of Ellinia ...
Rewards 8500 experience
Rewards 2 fame
Rewards Star RockStar Rock x1


Thankfully I got the one that Sabitrama asked me to get, and for that, I got rewarded with a mysterious rock. And from here on out, I don't have to pay Shane everytime I go in the Forest of Patience. From what I hear, that anti-aging medicine Sabitrama is working on may be what Shane needed ... if I have time, I should go back in there ...