"Mar" the Fairy and the Water of Life

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At Ellinia, I ran into a fairy that's been busily studying the magic of life. Her name is "Mar" and after taking a look at my pet that's been turned into a doll, she told me she can make it come back alive with The Water of Life and The Scroll of Life. I heard that she knows Cloy of Henesys... since it looks like a pet trainer named Trainer Bartos of Henesys knows something about the scroll of life, I should head over there...


After easily passing the test from Trainer Bartos of Henesys, I got a hold of The Water of Life and The Scroll of Lifel, and got that to "Mar" the fairy. With her magical power and the items I got her, she turned the doll back into a living pet. I can hang out with him for a while longer now ... sweet ...