Luke the Security Man's Wish to Travel

Not Started

Requires level 50 or greater
Requires class or or or or or or or or or
Requires quest Luke the Security Guy completed
I hear that Luke the Security Guy made up his mind on something...

In Progress

Requires Orihalcon PlateOrihalcon Plate x10
Requires Taurospear HornTaurospear Horn x3
Requires Dragon SkinDragon Skin x50
Requires ScrewScrew x40
Requires Black FeatherBlack Feather x1
I met Luke at the entrance of the dungeon again. The Snake Drink back then is gone now because his mom drank it all...anyway, Luke was ready to quit the boring life of a security man and wanted to travel...and to make a glove that befits the traveling, Mr. Smith of Perion suggested 1 black feather, 10 Orihalcon Plates, 50 dragon skins, 40 screws, and 3 horns of Taurospear!! That's insane...well, I'm guessing he wants me to collect them for him...oh, do the fairies of Ellinia know something about it?
Rewards 8000 experience
Rewards Old Bronze Nordic HelmOld Bronze Nordic Helm


I got Luke all the materials he needed for the nice glove, and return, he gave me a very precious item that has been passed down from generaition to generation, an old bronze normal Helm. I feel like I'm losing out on this deal...but I can't get mad at him since it's been passed down from generation to generatoin. I heard Mr. Thunder can make this helmet even better...I should go there sometime later..