Building a New House For "Blackbull"

Not Started

Requires level 30 or greater
Requires 10 fame
Requires quest Fixing "Blackbull's" House completed
I heard that "Blackbull" in Perion is building a new house...

In Progress

Requires Stone Golem RubbleStone Golem Rubble x100
Requires ScrewScrew x30
Requires Processed WoodProcessed Wood x30
Requires "Blackbull's" deed to the land"Blackbull's" deed to the land x1
I ran into "Blackbull" again, the guy I helped fix his house. He was surprised at how strong I looked, and asked me for a much harder favor. His cousins from Henesys are all trying to move to Perion, and so he needed to build a new house! To build a new house, he said he needed 100 pieces of rock from Stone Golem, 30 screws, 30 processed wood, and Blackbull's deed to the land. His son had the deed to the land, only to have it stolen by Curse Eye neaer Sleepywood...hmmm...I should be looking for those wandering around the deep forest...
Rewards 20000 experience
Rewards 2 fame
Rewards 15000 mesos
Choice of reward from:


To move all of "Blackbull"'s cousins to Perion, I got him all the items he requested: 100 pieces of rock from Stone Gollem, 30 screws, 30 refined wood, and 1 deed to the land. I got him all these...and yet what if he asks me to actually BUILD a house for him next time up?? Anyway for that, he gave me a little bit of EXP, 15,000 mesos, and a scroll for weapon with 10% success rate. Even my fame went up +2...not bad...