Fixing "Blackbull's" House

Not Started

Requires level 15 or greater
I heard that "Blackbull" is fixing his house...

In Progress

Requires FirewoodFirewood x50
Requires Tree BranchTree Branch x30
Right here, in this dusty town of Perion, I ran into an oddly-dressed man named "Blackbull." He told me he needs to fix is house and wondered if I could help him out by getting him 30 tree branches and 50 firewoods. If I do him a favor, I get myself a nice shield that he has, but what if I say no? I wouldn't ... be ... EATEN BY HIM ... no?? I really hope not...
Rewards 300 experience
Rewards Red Triangular ShieldRed Triangular Shield (10%) OR Steel ShieldSteel Shield (90%)


I got "Blackbull" of Perion 30 tree branches and 50 firewoods. With these, he can finally fix his house. I got this shield as a reward ... and ... well, scratchmarks here and there, and it looks pretty old ... is this even usable?