Sam's Advice

Not Started

Requires level 2 to 3
Requires class
A kind guy on Maple Island, Sam wanted to give me some Beginner advice...who says beginners aren't lucky?

In Progress

Sam taught me How to use AP which I can get whenever my level gets up. The investment of AP determines my power (STR), intelligence (INT), agility (DEX), luck (LUK). My investment choice of AP will increase my HP and MP.

whoa.. Fantastic! I learned a lot thanks to him. Sam said there is one more thing to tell me.
Rewards 7 experience


Sam told me to go to Victoria Island if I want to be a stronger adventurer through a Job Advancement. I can choose from Warrior, Magician, Bowman, and Thief on Victoria Island. Each job has a stat requirement to join and train on that path: Warrior is STR 35, Magician INT 20, Bowman DEX 25, Thief DEX 25. I'll remember that and invest AP in the proper stats of the job i want!