Bigg's Collection of Items

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Requires class
Let's start looking for Biggs.

In Progress

Requires Blue Snail ShellBlue Snail Shell x30
Requires Orange Mushroom CapOrange Mushroom Cap x10
I met Biggs at Southperry. He asked me if I can get him 10 orange mushroom caps and 30 blue snail shells and that he'll reward me with a nice item if I do so. He doesn't look too convinced that I can do this, but... it looks like a piece of cake to me.
Rewards 30 experience
Rewards Fruit KnifeFruit Knife (50%) OR RazorRazor (50%)


I got Biggs from Southperry 10 mushroom caps and 30 blue snail shells. How is he going to do business out of this anyway? Well, he did get me a decent weapon to use. I guess I can travel for a while with this...